All Life is One

Our Venue is:-
St Michaels Close Community Room,
St Michaels Close, Thetford Norfolk IP243EJ

The red line shows the way to the back door of the community rooms. If you park acroos the other side of Bury Road. You will find a path from Bury Road to the front door of the rooms.

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The Residential handbbook


Monday Group
Our new Circle is now 8 strong including the Circle Leaders who are Susan Summers and Steve Collings

Tuesday Group.
One of our sitters went into full trance for only the second time. The following recording is part of what happened. The medium has no awareness of what was said until the recording was played back.


Judy Moule has offered to do a Psychic art workshop if people are interested - To register your interest contact Susan

November 23rd
Gavin Smalley has stepped into the breach left by our Mel who expects to be recovering from an the time of the meeting.
Thank you Gavin for a great job.

October 26th
Tina gave a great demonstration working well inspite of the recent lack of sleep.

September 28th
What a fun evening full of good quality mediumship good job David

August 24th
As usual our Medium Paul Malachowski provided an interesting evening Full of good quality evidence and information. Thank you Paul.

July 27th
Wow! what a great evening Pat Smith gave a wonderful demonstration of her mediumship to a packed hall.

June 22nd
Another excellant evening of Mediumship, thank you Penny Francis

May 25th
what a great evening a big thank you to psychic artist Judy Moule and medium Gavin Smalley

Another excellent meeting with lots more people thank you Greg

Meeting was excellent A big THANK YOU to Linda.

Februarys Meeting was cancelled due to the very bad weather


Today we speak of life! It is with a sense of learning that we look back at our past lives in the physical realm. We look at the amount of time that appears to be wasted from the perspective we have when a physical being but as Spirit being it is as important as those deep emotional moments that seem life changing.

Each second we live wherever we are, we are learning something because each second contributes to the eventual realisation that we know, we understand something at a deep level. Where as before we only knew it with our brain. At this point the object of our understanding, our learning, diminishes in importance to make way for the next seemingly great lesson life has to bring.

So when someone close to you does not seem to have the same view of the importance of a subject that you hold dear, remind yourself that they have a different path that requires them to learn something that you may regard as a trifle.
Dancing Mist